Thursday, 5 March 2009

family fun days

We spent last weekend at this beautiful place with my family. It was a 'landmark' birthday for my aunt, and we took over the entire place. She knew she was going away for the weekend, but had no idea that the whole family would be there.
(I love how this paragraph makes me sound like I belong in a glossy magazine!)

Friday morning was a big party, followed by a bracing walk to Woolacombe Bay (the clifftop was only a few hundred yards from the manor).

Saturday night was another fancy party. On Sunday we drove home, via Gloucester, where I convinced S to stop in at Home Sense. I've heard great things about this shop. It wasn't quite as amazing as I expected (too much like a fancy shop, and not enough like a discount warehouse for me!), although I was surprised to see Jonathan Adler items there. Unfortunately it was only the plastic outdoor plates, not the gorgeous ceramics, so I left empty handed.

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