Wednesday, 25 March 2009

thrifting on a sunny saturday

What a lovely weekend, particularly Saturday. Much of the day was spent sat in the garden, catching up on magazines. It was so peaceful, and so relaxing. Just what I had been craving for the last few weeks.

I made a trip into town in the afternoon, to have a look round the charity shops. I wasn't having much luck, and decided on a whim to get the candle stick and tin mug in the picture. The mug was 30p, and the candle stick was £1.50. The lady behind the counter added them up and said "£1.80. So that's 90p please."
Ok, I thought, handing over my pound coin. Only to get 1p back in change.
So did I get a bargain, or did I lose money? I really can't decide!

Anyway, after a good wash, the blue glass candle stick is lovely and shiny. And the mug can go with my other tin mug and bowls, which hold all the 'bits and pieces' in the bathroom.

But, what's that in the background of the photo? Only one of the best thrifting bargains I've scored for a while. There was an advert in the local paper last week for a 'Thrift Shop' being held at a local village. Apparently the organisers were 'keen to stress it is not a jumble sale', and it was in a very posh village, so I wasn't holding out much hope for any bargains. But I was intriuged, and dragged S along for the 10am opening time.

It was held in the Methodist Chapel, and on walking in there were piles of books spread out on the pews. The rest of the sale was in a room upstairs, and I spied this blanket straight away. It's huge (would fit a double bed) and really well made. I've seen similar blankets in charity shops before, but they are always very expensive (which is fair enough, considering the amount of work that goes into making them) and normally include some hideous colours.
I was told this one was made a a lady in the village. The price? £2
It's now gracing the back of our sofa, and looking very at home.

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