Tuesday, 31 March 2009

boston bound

Sadly not the American city. Instead, Boston in Lincolnshire. It gets some bad press, and certainly isn't the most stylish place in the world. But I fancied a trip there anyway (in the spirit of exploring the county). I mainly wanted to go due to the golden thrifting rule: the less stylish the town, the better the charity shops.

And... it was ok. The weather was appalling, and the charity shops were only so-so. I did find one treasure, which 'someone' wouldn't let me get. A 1950s' formica-topped kitchen table for only £5! As I would have needed help carrying it back to the car, I couldn't get it. But I know that the missed opportunity will be playing on my mind for some time.

[edited] Ooops. I drafted this post at the end of March, and it is now the middle of April. Better get cracking with a post about the Easter weekend!

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