Monday, 23 February 2009

retro wonders

Ooh. My regular Monday trip to the charity shop came up trumps. There is only one charity shop in the town I work in, and I have set myself a routine, and decided to only visit it on Mondays and Fridays - otherwise I would be in there everyday!

Today was a successful trip. I found this fab adidas sports bag - for £1.20! There may only be one shop, but it is cheap!

I bought it with the intention of putting it on ebay, and then thought I might keep it. Having checked ebay, there is a vintage adidas bag going for £150! It's far fancier than this one, but still - crazy money.

Anything adidas takes me back to secondary school - very mid-90s. School bags had to be adidas. I always wanted a purple adidas rucksack. Instead I ended up with a navy puma rucksack - life is so unfair when you are 15.

We also made a reappearance at the pub quiz last night. We improved on our score from last time, and came third. Ok, it was only out of nine teams this time, but still an improvement. At this rate will will have won by the end of March!

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