Friday, 13 March 2009

a book of ducks

I'd been feeling a bit unsatisfied with the offerings in the charity shops recently, and hadn't found any amazing items for a while.
Then last week I was in a shop in town, and spied a box of old railway books. On digging through them I found this gem.

It was an impulse buy, and I did think it was pretty. It wasn't until I had a proper look at it later on that I realised just how beautiful it was. The cover is a dusty blue/green, and the ducks are fantastically regimented and stylised.

Inside the colour plates are perfect. This is, of course, a Mallard, which are described as 'birds of character'.

The book is a King Penguin, a range I have not come across before, and the dust jacket mentions other titles, including Life in an English Village and Tulipomania, by Wilfrid Blunt. They sound wonderful!

A bit of research has dug up these wonderful covers.

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