Friday, 22 July 2011

some favourite things

A round up of the best things I have found on the internet in the last few weeks...
The best advice:

Beautiful driftwood sculptures by Ella Robinson (via the red thread).

Are you always running late? Accept your fate with this temporary tattoo (via A Cup of Jo).

Turn your iPhone into a Polaroid camera (via Kyla Roma).

And finally... Jim Henson and Bert (via 24 Free Dinners).

Sunday, 17 July 2011

the thrifting itch

I've been itching to get out to the charity shops recently. I've been far to busy during the week, and haven't even been to the car boot sale for the past two weeks. I miss it! So on Thursday I took myself off to my favourite shops, and picked up some bits and pieces. Nothing too exciting, but it can't always be amazing.

My favourite find was The Husband and Wife's Handbook from 1924. I've been on the lookout for little presents for a friend's forthcoming hen do (batchelorette party), and this booklet seemed perfect. Now I read it, it's far ruder than I realised!

Next up is a stack of Motorcycle Sport magazines from the 1970s - not my cup of tea, they will be making their way to eBay at some point. But they absolutely stink, I think of mothballs - does anyone have any tips on making them a bit more palatable?

Two Tupperware egg cups, with handy lids, which again are going on eBay. They don't sell for big bucks, but were only 10p.

I got a stack of these plates and mugs, in preparation for out first camping trip. Unfortunately the previous owner had written her name on the bottom of all of them in nail varnish - thanks very much Jennifer, who ever you are.

And what would one of these round ups be without another tin. This Butlin's biscuit barrel is great fun.

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Festival of Britain

During our day out in London the other week, we stopped in to see the Festival of Britain exhibition at the Southbank Centre.

Planned as 'a tonic to the nation' after the dark days of the war, the exhibition took place in 1951 and showcased the best new British design.

Although fairly small, the exhibition has a great collection of items from the festival. One of the highlights is a quilt with patches representing each of the hundred years that had passed since the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Centre stage is the 1950s living room, put together by Homes & Antiques magazine. So many classic pieces, that remain just as covetable today. (Pictures from Homes & Antiques magazine.)

And, lo and behold, what did I find in the charity shop the next week. A little souvenir Festival of Britain shot glass. I've never come across anything from the festival before, so it was a shock to find this little thing for 25p.

Linking to Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures.

Monday, 4 July 2011

my thrifting wishlist - part one

Do you have a thrifting wishlist? Items that, if you're very lucky, you will come across one day. Preferably tucked in a box in the back of the charity shop, or under a table at a car boot sale, just to make the find that little bit more special.

I've decided to put my wishlist out there into the universe, in the hopes that they will come my way.

Item 1 - Penguin Classic - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

How I love this book. I've read it a number of times now, and I always come across something new. My copy is no where near as attractive as the iconic Penguin Books orange cover. The closest I have come to this is a postcard but one day I hope to own the real thing.

What's on your thrifting wishlist?

Friday, 1 July 2011

elephants on wheels

I went on a bit of an expedition today, going round the charity shops of three local towns. I had a good haul, but got almost all of it in the first little town, so the rest of the day was a bit of a let down.

I started off big with not one, but four pairs of vintage curtains.

It's hard to find curtains to fit the windows in our house, but these seem to be ok - there are two pairs of each pattern. Whatever doesn't work in the house will be going on eBay.

I'm not sure how well they go with this fifties' magazine rack (already overflowing with magazines), but I'm sure I can make it work.

Add a Cath Kidston cushion for £2, and the living room is nearly fully furnished.

I came across a set of these Holkham owl mugs ages ago, which S really liked, but they were far too expensive. This lonely owl was only 95p though. Does anyone know why they are called owl mugs? Something to do with the shape maybe?

And finally, the wild card. Each time I come home saying 'this is the weirdest thing I've ever bought' it seemes to get trumped a few weeks later. So here it is - the weirdest thing I have ever bought (to date).

He's a bit musty, but is so freaking cute. The vintage dogs on wheels go for a pretty penny, although I don't think elephants are as desirable. But look at that little face!

What's the weirdest thing you have ever bought in a thrift store?

And after my menagerie of kitschy animals last week, I hit the jackpot today. A box of nearly 100 mice! Some in apples, some in hats, some in teapots. I managed to resist though.