Tuesday, 10 February 2009

storm troopers and general knowledge

We braved the snowy countryside on Sunday for a bit of shopping. A disaster on the adult clothing front. I wish shops would make trousers in a 31" leg. I either have to show off my socks in a shorter length, or wear crazily high heels with a longer length. So nothing was purchased.

It wasn't a total wash out though. I bought this t-shirt (from Next, of all places) for my friend's son's birthday. He is going to be two, and the smallest the t-shirt came in was age three, but I couldn't resist it. It's never too early to be introduced to Star Wars. (apologies for the dodgy picture)

In the evening we went to our favourite pub for the pub quiz, along with some of S's work friends. It was the first time we have been, and only the second ever quiz I've been to (we won the first one we went to!).
We came a very respectable joint 4th out of 13 teams. I think our score was 33 out of 40. There were some very serious competitors, so I am feeling quite smug about how we did. Bring on the next quiz!

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