Tuesday, 14 June 2011

garage sales and mirrors

What a strange weekend. I don't feel like we achieved much, but it was busy, nonetheless.

On Saturday we dragged ourselves outside and went for a walk around Rutland Water.

Not the entire 20-odd miles, mind you. Just four miles around the Hambleton Peninsula (which I always want to refer to as an island). Followed by lunch at the pub.

Sunday morning was spent at the local car boot sale, followed by a village-wide garage sale a few miles away. There are a couple of these sales in the area each year, and I always look out for them. You come across all sorts of strange finds - things that people wouldn't bother packing up and taking all the way to a car boot sale.

The big purchase was a bike. I was tempted by a couple of vintage bikes, but they weren't in great condition, so I ended up with a newer bike. Now I just need to remember how to use it!

And the thrifty finds for the day:

A little handbag mirror. My mum used to have a plastic version of this - it fold over and creates a stand for itself.

Flashcards! I've wanted some of these for ages. They are from the late-1970s.

And more tins. The collection seems to be getting out of control.

The weekend was rounded off with the fantastic, although extremely long, Canadian Grand Prix.

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Heidi Jo said...

Fabulous finds! I definitely would have bought all those things too. I'd love some vintage flashcards and am attempting to start up a tin collection but they are harder to find in thrift stores around here.