Sunday, 19 June 2011

flour and fabric

With a busy week at work, I've not had much chance to hit the shops/sales, but found a few bits and pieces nonetheless.

I love this fabric - it's a very 1950s-style depiction of the Venice canals. I'm not sure if it is vintage or a modern reproduction - does anyone have any ideas how I can find out? They are strangely cut into panels, but I might be able to get a cushion cover or two out of them.

And this lovely little embroidery. I think it is from a kit, as you can see some of the guide marks underneath the stitches.

Some lovely 1930s bowls, to add to the collection.

And my one car boot sale purchase of the week. It is rusty, and has no lid, but will make a perfect plant pot - particularly for 50p.

It's been a much-needed quiet weekend, although today we went out for a short ride, trying out my new bike. I can remember the feeling of just jumping on the bike and riding like it was second nature. But the reality is far more wobbly. We rode about a mile, and I think I need a lot more practice.

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Cathy said...

The flour tine is awesome! And the fabric is intriguing.

karlyn Jackson said...

I don't know if that fabric is vintage or not but it is lovely.

Van said...

I love the painterly print of that vintage-style fabric! I have no leads on it, but I'd frame it as it. I love things that bring back memories of Italy!

That vintage pot would make a lovely planter, too!