Thursday, 21 May 2009

a day out in... norfolk

Actually, a weekend away! We have been talking about going to Norfolk for the day for a while, and last Wednesday made a impulsive decision to go for the weekend. So we booked a b&b. All in the space of ten minutes! How exciting!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, we took ourselves over the border into Norfolk. Our first stop was lovely, lovely Holt. We only had two hours parking, which is no where near enough, even though it is a small town.
We had been before, so I knew exactly where I was heading. We hit the charity shops, and had lunch at the wonderful Byfords (coffee, victoria sponge and a chicken and chorizo pasty).

We then had a nose around an amazing 'antiques emporium', where I fell in love with a bicycle, of all things. Is it weird to buy a bike from an antiques shop? It was an old Triumph, that had been painted a pale jade green. Oh, so beautiful.
But common sense won, and I didn't get it.

It was then on to Cromer, where we wandered past rusty, yet beautiful, old tractors, sat by the beach huts, and ate the first 99's of the year. It was back to Byfords in the evening for dinner. S had a salad and I had, um, pie and mash.

The next day we worked our way along the coast, from near Blakeney (where I saw my first ever starfish - admitedly dead, but you have to take what you can get!).

On to Wells, where we went to Big Blue Sky and drooled over the lovely handmade items, and in to a crazy shop, housed in the old railway station that sold books and pottery. There was no owner to be seen, just a bell and a sign that said 'ring loudly for assistance'. Ooh, and a whole shelf of King Penguin books.

We had no luck finding somewhere to eat, and (after exhausting all possible options) ended up in MacDonalds in King's Lynn! But it was a fun ending to a fab weekend.

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Kitschen Pink said...

oh you had a lovley time at lots of my favourite places! t.x