Thursday, 14 May 2009

a break from bargains

We interupt the bargains of the bank holiday weekend, as I fear it was getting a bit over the top!

My parents came up to visit last weekend, which is always fun. I never thought I would end up living so far away from them (it's about a two or three hour drive), although I am dealing with it better than I expected.

On Saturday we wandered round town, drank coffee, didn't eat cakes as they had sold out, and went for a walk in the evening. I was supposed to cook dinner, but changed my mind at the last minute, and we picked up takeway on the way home (which made everyone far happier).

Sunday morning we went to the car boot sale, which was a bit rubbish. I think I used up all my luck the weekend before!

We then went to Belton House for the day. It is one of my favourite National Trust properties. There are some beautiful formal gardens, and lots of big open spaces as well.

We got there just as it was opening, so had a chance to wander round the outside of the building taking pictures before it was covered in visitors. Somehow I have managed to end up with lots of pictures of details, rather than overall pictures of the place, but you get the idea.

The statue below was the inspiration for the book 'The Moondial' and where they filmed the children's tv series (back in the late 80s / early 90s). I vaguely remember it, but Mum got very excited by this!

We also went into the house, rather than just the grounds, which was beautiful. There were two vast libraries (my favourite rooms) and a gorgeous Chinese-style bedroom. They have recently started opening up the basement rooms, so we explored the butler's pantry and the wine cellar, as well as the stunning kitchen.

Overall, a lovely weekend.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hello, Thanks so much for stopping by. I enjoyed reading your post, I love looking around National Trust properties, but its ages since Ive been to any. The gardens and statues at Belton House look beautiful. X

Lavender hearts said...

I loved moon dial and I recognised that statue from the program! :-)