Tuesday, 20 September 2011

school never looked this good

Can you believe I used to go to school here? Needless to say, it didn't look anything like this when I was there. It was a run-down old mansion house, complete with the overgrown kitchen garden and tennis court.

They sold off the land a few years ago and turned the garden into a football pitch, which broke my heart. And the house is now for sale for a whopping £2.75 million!

The living room pictured below was one of the class rooms, and I can remember making a totem pole out of cereal boxes that towered up through the stairwell. When I first started primary school here, the first floor was occupied by a costume hire company. The lights were always off, and there were mannequins lining the stairs. Obviously I blame it for my fear of mannequins and statues!

(please excuse the tiny pictures - they are borrowed from the estate agent's website)

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