Sunday, 18 September 2011

lost property finds

It's been a good week or so of thrifting, with a couple of excellent car boot sales. These cheeky little Fisher Price telephones came as a pair - the lady selling them said she had to buy her sons two of everything to avoid arguements! (photo by S)

A selection of my favourite finds (with in a slightly blurry photo I'm afraid).

Up close, there is a lovely 1930s jug, which only cost 50p, the Good Companion jigsaw of a pet show (a very timely subject!), a tiny seagull to hang on the wall (only 20p), a stack of plates monogrammed 'Eglwys Sion M.C. Pontygwaith' (a church in Wales, I think) and a sweet little brass swan.

The little tapestry purse (made with Welsh wool) is now my 'car boot sale purse' (keeping a supply of pennies on hand), little Rum Butter jar and a miniature fiesta ware set.

And another installment in the category of 'the weirdest thing I have ever bought' goes to this reserved sign. I'm planning on putting it in the garden, peaking out from amongst the plants. I certainly got some comments walking round the car boot sale with this!

And finally, the one that got away. I missed out on a set of five blue Le Creuset saucepans, with lids, by mere seconds. It would have been bad enough, except the seller only wanted £1.50 for them! I've been kicking myself for the past week for not being quick enough.

Have you had any near misses lately?

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VainGlorySinner said...

That jug is such a beautiful charming piece and I adore the brass swan!

I got my friends little one a Ficher Price ring a ding pull along phone for his first birthday but it was a newer version. I find them so adorable.. I remember my little brother having one when we were little kiddies! xxx

beckyp said...

great finds

Scarlet said...

Love the jug and the little carboot purse. My girls had one of the phones - I'd forgotten how cute they are!

Zara said...

Great finds. The jug is lovely. x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the reserved sign I bet it will look great in your garden. I had one of those telephones, there so sweet.

E :)

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I remember these fisher price toy telephones. They are still just as cute.


One Gal's Trash said...

Love. The. Jug.

Diann said...

What fun finds! I saw that first picture of the play telephones and had a childhood flashback! Thank you for joining TTF and have a great day!