Saturday, 7 January 2012

lost property finds - new year finds

Happy New Year everyone! I've been off work for a few weeks, and have been enjoying doing nothing. That's not true, we have spent the last week getting organised - sorting out the piles of junk that fill the house, and moving furniture around. And it feels very, very good.

Of course I then had to fill the empty spaces with some new things. I spent a couple of days out exploring some new charity shops, which I will certainly be going back to.

This lady was my most exciting find. I spotted her hiding behind a rail of clothes as I was paying for something else, and snapped her up straight away. Judging by the clothes and hairstyle, I'm guessing she is from the 1930s. Isn't she lovely?

I also found these sweet cottage garden embroideries, with quotes by Patience Strong. There are a couple of similar embroideries on eBay, so I think they are from a kit.

I was strangely excited to find this green office tray for 20p. I've been wanting some vintage office supplies for a while (I've no idea why), but haven't had much luck until now. The mint green colour is perfect, and goes well with the jug.

And finally, a couple of old suitcases, which will make great display items at my next vintage fair.

What have you found recently?

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Liz said...

What fabulous finds! Love everything, but the picture of the lady and the embroideries are my favourites!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

okcamp said...

I like all your finds, especially the leather suitcases.

Happy New Year!

Dear Pearl Vintage said...

what gorgeous finds, love the office tray the perfect shade of green

Kylie said...

She is lovely, in fact I think all your finds are lovely.

Lea said...

some lovely treasures, love the suitcases especially. A great size!

Helen and her Daughters said...

Great finds, love the suitcases and the framed embroidery!

Max said...

blimey, you got some great stuff there. I especially like the portrait and the wire rack. I found a couple of red wire racks recently and I'm so chuffed with em x

karlyn Jackson said...

gorgeous green, rose jug and sweet embroideries

Heather said...

Wow...those are all amazing finds, but I am especially entranced by the painting. Lovely!

Cheapchick said...

Great finds. I just became a follower and found you from Her Library Adventures Linky Party. Great blog!