Sunday, 14 June 2009

lots of love

Realising that my last post was a bit gloomy, here are some things I love this week:

* Buying new pyjamas (in the sale) - even though it is the summer, and will be too hot to wear them for a few months.

* Choosing which books to take on holiday - this can keep me happy for days. The current front runners are Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman and Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor.

* Watching an entire series of a favourite programme in one go.

* Scones with strawberries and cream on my favourite plates.

And I will sneak in a couple of not-so-good things:
* Discovering that a favourite charity shop has closed.
* Car boot sale vendors that have an attitude when people try to haggle.
* Trying to work out how to spell pyjamas - it doesn't look right.

1 comment:

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your comment about saying Mojitos in a mexican accent made me laugh out loud. In our house we say it like the dog in a daft cartoon type programme for adults called Family Guy (Mr Kitten watches it and I try to ignore it because its rubbish!!!) but the dogs accent makes me laugh. Glad we arent the only people who do/say daft things Hee Hee.

You are so right about the carbooters, I offered £3 on a £4 glass butter dish recently and the seller was having none of it, so I walked away and she was still shouting after I told her I wasnt interested, she tried to tell me it wouldnt be here when I came back, so I said I will find another one eventually it isnt rare anyway. I didnt go back so I dont know if it sold or not, she was a right pain in the you know what X