Tuesday, 20 January 2009

a day out in... King's Lynn

I fancied an adventure last weekend. We moved to Lincolnshire about 18 months ago (we = me and S, my boyfriend) and were busy exploring the area to begin with. Adventures died down a while ago, so I decided it was time to go somewhere new for the day. So, off I dragged S to King's Lynn.

We had a slight detour on the way home (S likes to "just see what's down this road")and found ourselves driving down a road that felt like it was turning into nothing. Just as we were about to turn around, I noticed an barn owl fly over us. It then flew along side us for about 1/3 mile, swooping in the wind, and generally showing off. It was such an amazing thing to see. I've only ever caught glimpses of them fly past before, and only then a handful of times. I was such a priviledge to see it in such detail for such a long time.

Want to see a picture?

You'll just have to believe me when I say it was close!

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